In our totally restored tables, it is equally important that we also return the table to its original ball return system. We have the drilling fixture to drill the gully opening in the cabinet. We have shaper cutters to replicate the original wooden subway components to produce a very quiet, dependable, and aesthetically very attractive installation.

All of the available gully boots are usually very thin and wrinkled leather products, so we have made our own press and produce our own boots. They are wrinkle free and perfectly formed and made out of 16oz. leather. These are twice as heavy as anything on the market today. As it is important for the system to be dependable, each pocket is sewn by hand with the slates and rails bolted into position. This provides the proper lift on the gully boots, and with the 1/4″ leather gully boots, there will be no sag. The pockets can be decorated with either fringe or shields.

Thanks for your interest in our restoration. Bob Bebb

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