Restored or Refinished?

You discover your grandfather’s rusty 1929 LaSalle touring car in his garage. You bring the car to an auto body shop and within a few days it looks shiny bright. You invite your friends to climb aboard to travel the back roads and scenic parks in your area. You don’t need to check the steering and suspension systems or the brakes and fuel lines do you?

Refurbished – Refinished – Restored?

There is a lot of difference between a table that is Refurbished or Refinished, and one that is truly Restored.

Refurbished Tables – will usually have a very nice refurbished cabinet that will have a new finish on the aesthetic parts of the table giving a very nice outward appearance. This table however is not a truly Restored Table.

Refinished Tables – The refinished table means exactly that! The old finish has been stripped off with minimal veneer repair and a couple coats of lacquer / varnish applied.

A truly Restored Table will have a quality near-perfect aesthetic restoration, without Bondo or wood filler but with true veneer and/or solid hardwood repairs. A truly restored table will also have an excuse free professional playing table with all the exacting tolerances of a championship table. It will only be limited to the extent of its design, original construction, and weight. To ensure that excuse free professional play, all REBCO restorations will follow our own 9 point restoration plan.

Rebco’s 9 Point Plan


  1. The slates will have new solid Poplar hardwood frames.
  2. The slates will be surfaced within .002″
  3. All of the pocket openings in the slate will be templated so that all corner pockets are the same depth and radius and that both side pockets are the same depth and radius.
  4. The rails have been registered to the center lines of the slate bed to ensure that the diamonds are registered to the slate bed.
  5. The edges of the slate will be straight-edged to assure that rail block faces are in alignment with each other so that when the cushion seats/liners are installed that the cushions will be straight in-line.
  6. The cushion seats are milled to the current pro-cushion angles and height and installed to the rail block while the rail blocks are attached to the slate bed. This will ensure professional play and accuracy.
  7. The cushions are attached to the rail assemblies under pressure utilizing “V” boards under mechanical clamp pressure, “Not with contact cement”!
  8. The diamonds will measure true across side pockets.
  9. The rail pocket openings will measure the same for all corner and/or side pockets.